Noord-Kaap ding

Background: Dit is ‘n Noord-Kaap ding colloquium

Dit is ‘n Noord-Kaap ding (It is a Northern Cape thing) colloquium was established in 2021 by Dr Lorato Mokwena. The initiation of the colloquium was spurred by two objectives: a) the desire to reinvigorate the Northern Cape through highlighting the riches it holds and b) to bring together and create a network among scholars, activists and other stakeholders whose work focuses on the Northern Cape. In 2021, the theme revolved around showcasing and appreciating the material culture of the Northern Cape.

The inaugural colloquium was a collaboration between the University of the Western Cape and Sol Plaatje University, the Northern Cape Premier’s office, Northern Cape Tourism and the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (Northern Cape). The colloquium was held at Sol Plaatje University from 20 – 22 September 2021.

2022: 2nd Annual Dit is ‘n Noord-Kaap ding colloquium – Call for abstracts

For 2022, the theme for Dit is ‘n Noord-Kaap ding colloquium is MORE – Memorialisation, Opportunities, Restoration and Resistance and Existence. See below the call for abstracts: